Sahara is home after a successful surgery

Sahara is the 2nd born in her family. She has a history of heart murmur and cyanosis (bluish color of the skin and mucus membranes). She was diagnosed with MAPCAS (arteries that develop to supply blood to the lungs when the native pulmonary circulation is underdeveloped); Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a hole that allows blood to skip circulation to the lungs and pulmonary atresia with intact septum.

When Sahara went for pre surgery assessment she was cleared and booked for surgery on Monday 6th January 2020. The Hearts of East Africa Medical Mission team would be operating on her at Tenwek mission Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. On the night before her surgery, the doctors noticed she had a clot in her system. Surgery had to be suspended to manage the clot. One week later, the clot had cleared. She went through an open heart surgery successfully.

She was in the ICU for a few days before she was transferred to the HDU, later to the wards and now she is home! She has her smile back. Her mended little heart is now healing. No turning blue again- the cyanosis is gone! 

We have more children like Sahara that need heart surgery so as to live a normal life. Will you help them? See a few of them here

We thank you for your donations to CFACH, that help us reach out to children like Sahara!

Heart Diaries

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