#Run with Solo: CFACH president running 2020 Kms to raise support for programs

CFACH President, Solomon Musyimi

Solomon Musyimi grew up in Nairobi before moving to the United States 20 years ago for further studies. He is grateful to have a healthy heart and this drives his passion to help children with heart defects get the medical help they need to lead normal lives. The Lenana School alumnus is the President of Care For A Child’s Heart (CFACH) a grassroots organization that helps children born with congenital heart defects and diseases from needy backgrounds.

Solomon’s efforts alongside those of his team members have over the years seen over 200 children undergo corrective heart surgeries and another more than 500 get vital medicines they need. CFACH, based in Nairobi’s South B, also hosts children and their caregivers from up country and across the boarders as they seek medical treatment in the city.

Solomon has been to Kenya on numerous medical mission trips; from visiting these children in their homes to accompanying them to hospital. Occasionally, some surgery cases have been referred to hospitals in the US. Solomon and his family have always hosted the children and their caregivers for the duration of their stay.

Having grown up in Kenya, Solomon has witnessed the suffering of people in the lower income levels without access to proper healthcare. The attorney, who is in private practice in Houston, Texas, believes it is the responsibility of every Kenyan, in the country or abroad, to participate in building a better future for Kenya. To end the suffering of needy children with heart disease, Solomon has an ambitious goal: he is running 2 020 Kilometers this year to raise 5 Million Kenya Shillings to help children in the CFACH program get the medical help they need. He has just reached the 800 Km mark of his ‘run with solo’ campaign.

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